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Top Picks for FDM Printing Enthusiasts This Week on Team FDM

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At Team FDM, we always keep a keen eye on what our community is buying. It’s fascinating to see which tools and materials are becoming essentials in your toolkits. This not only helps us understand your needs better but also allows us to discover new and exciting products that we might not have considered before. I wanted to share all of this with everyone in the community to get some feedback and hopefully give you insight into what is popular with others in the community!

Here’s a look at this week’s most popular items, ranked by the quantity ordered, to give you a glimpse of what fellow enthusiasts are using:

  1. Engineer Square Machinist Square Set: A must-have for ensuring precision in every project, this tool has been a top choice for its reliability in checking the right angles on frames and parts.

  2. iCrimp IWS-3220M Micro Connector Pin Crimping Tool:  Essential for those involved in electronics within FDM printing, this tool has been widely adopted for its versatility in handling a range of wire sizes, making custom wiring setups easier than ever.

  3. YIHUA 926 III 60W Digital Display Soldering Iron Station Kit:  This comprehensive kit provides all the essentials for soldering, proving indispensable for making or repairing 3D printer parts and other electronic components.

  4. FLASHFORGE ASA Filament 1.75mm: Known for its durability and high UV resistance, this filament is perfect for outdoor or functional prints, with the Burnt Titanium and Sparkle Sky Blue variants proving particularly popular.

  5. WERA 05118066001 2054 Screwdriver for Hexagon Socket Screws:  Precision is key in FDM printing, and this screwdriver is highly valued for its exactness in fastening and adjustments.

  6. Arducam for Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 12MP IMX708: A fantastic tool for integrating high-quality imaging with 3D printing setups, allowing for detailed monitoring and time-lapse creation of prints.

  7. VISEMAN 6" Mini Needle Nose Pliers: These pliers are perfect for manipulating small and delicate parts, a frequent necessity in FDM printer maintenance.

  8. SOMELINE® Electrical Connectors Crimping Tool Kit: With a variety of connectors included, this kit is essential for anyone needing to manage electrical connections safely and efficiently.

  9. Nano Polymer Adhesive (120ml): This adhesion solution is becoming increasingly essential for achieving perfect first layers in 3D prints, minimizing warping and adhesion issues.

By tracking these purchases, we not only cater better to your needs but also occasionally stumble upon gems that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Each product here has been chosen for its proven utility and popularity within our community. Whether you're upgrading, replacing, or just starting, these tools are sure to enhance your 3D printing experience.


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