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Mesh extends outside of the fade range

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Hi all, I'm aving a new Issue with my Printer. its a V2.4 with beacon probe and KAMP installed. It worked perfectly, then I had a print failure, and since the it can't Level anymore. It homes, does QGL and measures the bed mesh, but in the end it gives the following error:

bed_mesh: Mesh extends outside of the fade range, please see the fade_start and fade_end options inexample-extras.cfg. fade distance: 9.40 mesh min: -0.0236mesh max: 296342913368623110567959539904232373695641077993553291347426985986902501193826183032201118852465864718099942888758497777559132703134572908963501341282438773860390334014862635323758328585227753958470660975983851243345251633532685436921020002521419878100598128419625109932194990443052753204335869952.0000

The mesh seems to be good, so I think it measures properly, but does some strange thing with calculation the values for the correction. I have no Idea what could cause this. currently Im printing without bed Mesh, but I'd like to have it back soon.

Anybody have an Idea what could be the cause of this behaviour?


klippy (4).log

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I see that nobody has answered you in 2 weeks, so I will give you my opinion.

I do not know beacon, but since it is quite similar to Cartographer regarding the form-factor, I can tell you what probably happened and what you have to pay attention to.

You had a print, failed or successful, and afterwards you had problems leveling. Usually this is a sign of a crash of your probe into a warped piece, and dysfunction afterwards. 

So my first idea is, to inspect the bottom of your coil, and compare it to stock pictures. To see if any parts are missing. Check if your probe is also still mounted straight and adequately and that there are no bends.

I will suggest you go to the beacon forums, or to your seller, and show them the images and ask for help / assistance / support. I think they will tell you what to do further.


By the way, the fade functionality in klippers bed_mesh function, is for bed meshes that is taken with 4x4 probes. Klipper fills in the areas in between by using the parameters such as fade. You can leave them out with probes that have mesh point numbers of 40x40 or 60x60.

Good luck and let us know how you proceed if you haven't already.






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Hi Dirk

Thank you for your response and Help. I managed to get it working. I postet in the BEacon Discort where they guessed that I might overscan. I did reduce the scanning area and this solved the issue I had.


best regards

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