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Z_tilt nothing moves ??

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I have a Ender 3 based build. I am using and octopus pro ez and dual z motors. When I was setting everything up the z_tilt function was working. After adding the auto_Z calibrate script and a macro to perform  Dock Probe, Home Auto Z , Z_tilt_adjust, bed_mesh. It stopped doing the Z_tilt. It worked the first couple of times. I was adjusting the bed mesh points then it stopped working. It does work using the console or during the  macro.  I have been looking for the problem for hours.



speed: 50
horizontal_move_z: 15
retries :5
retry_tolerance: 0.03


speed: 150
horizontal_move_z: 10
mesh_min: 25, 75
mesh_max: 225, 245 
probe_count: 6,6
algorithm: bicubic
fade_start: 1
fade_end: 10
fade_target: 0

[gcode_macro CALIBRATE_Z]
rename_existing: BASE_CALIBRATE_Z
    {% set bed_position = params.BED_POSITION|default('None') %}
    G28                         # can also be a conditional homing macro
    M117 Z-Calibration..
    DEPLOY_PROBE                # a macro for fetching the probe first
    {% if bed_position != 'None' %}
      BASE_CALIBRATE_Z BED_POSITION={bed_position}
    {% else %}
    {% endif %}


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1 hour ago, CommandoLarry2 said:

I have a Ender 3 based build.

This means a build volume of 220x220x250 (x_max=220, y_max=220 and z_max=250). The following explanation is based on that assumption.


The bed screw position of the ender, indicating the corners of the build plate where it is mounted is given:

screw1: 30.5, 37
screw2: 30.5, 207
screw3: 204.5, 207
screw4: 204.5, 37


which means your bed_mesh max would then be outside of the build volume:

mesh_max: 225, 245 (Right front corner)

Assuming 0,0 is left front - then mesh_max should be close to the screw positions of max_X and max_Y

mesh_min: 30.5, 37
mesh_max: 204.5, 207

This will restrict bed_meshing to inside the mount points of the bed (bed_screw position). Depending on your probe and the X_offset (how far is the probe from the nozzle in x) and Y_offset (how far is the probe from the nozzle in y), these values can be tweaked to compensate for those readings.


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Posted (edited)

You are very close on the build volume assumption. 235, 235,250

The probe is 20mm in front of the nozzle. The bed is fixed to the gantry, no springs. When it goes through the bed mesh routine the probe does stay with in the boundaries of the bed.  

Does the bed mesh min / max point affect the Z_Tilt function?  You are correct in that I have an incorrect min / max point but the bed mesh.  How do I get the Z_tilt to work again? 


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