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Mounting a filament drier

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I'm thinking abount mounting a filament drier on top of the printer, I want to print nylon and already use a lot of TPU but I don't print loads so spools often sit around for months at a time, I'm really stuck for space so building up makes sense.

The plan is to make a raised base from 2020 rails so the weight is supported by the frame and not the panels, something dual spool, like a Eibos Cyclops size.

If it was a bed slinger I wouldnt even concider it, but he printer is on a pretty sturdy base already, so I'm not overly worried about the change in the center of gravity, plus I don't go for max speed or anything like that, but didnt know if the extra weight on top would really affect the prints in anyway?

I mean would it really be that different from a MCU or tool changer.

Has anyone done anything similar?

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I'm going sit my Sunlu on top of the panel, the panel is more than strong enough to support the weight of the dryer.

I've push a piece of bowden tube into the dryer outlet so that it can go straight into the SFS that I've got mounted on the upper frame rail.

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