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Mellow Fly SB2040 v3 Unboxing

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Well, you should all know by now that I am a Mellow fan. (Not that I am mellow by any means - I am a Dutch Frieslander  after all 🙃)

Packaging was without fault - each component packaged separately and delivered in a cardboard box - well presented.

IMG_6444.thumb.png.a2ab03dc189f27520115e7fb69769622.png      IMG_6445.thumb.png.6d6f8bc274eadfbc1b511ceae5f0053a.png

Included was the SB2040 canbus board with more ports than the previous version, the Stealth Burner mount, the Eddie current probe and a bag of goodies for connecting everything.

IMG_6446.thumb.png.40497dd623db2610cb6175dfe402cb98.png IMG_6447.thumb.png.b9c673b9bfc4b32659b8cb7215ddc45f.png

The probe board has not got a controller board as the Cartographer of Beacon - just the coil. Mmmmhhhh........ (maybe the controller is on the towhead - or not......)

The included cable seems to have connection to 5V, GNd and Canbus High and low. This is quite a long cable and I assume is intended to run back to the printer controller board.  Good solid quality cable.

The probe connection is with a very, very very tiny ribbon cable to the printhead board. 


I have a few printers due for maintenance/upgrading - might just give this a go


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I'm running 3 (SB2040MAXv3) of these already in my vorons set to RRF mode. Working very well so far. They do run a little warm so I put a 3007 fan on them off fan2 on the board. Nothing to report they just work.

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