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cannot update MCU


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so, I'm having a Problem with my Voron 2.4 since about a week. I randomly shuts down because it loses connenction to the mcu (mcu). I have a BTT SB CAN Board but that does not seem to be the Problem as it says it cant connect to mcu (mcu).

I tried everything that came to my mind regarding the possible Issue. changed the USB cable multiple times, relocated the Pi, changed connector on the Pi...

I have no more Idea on what the cause could be. I'm also not the best guy in Software and cant read the Log files, but I attached them from the Crash I just had few Minutes ago while printing. maybe someone can see the fault?


Thanks an best Regards


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well, it seems I found the problem. the only thing i havent changed yet was the Pi. I changed it with a different one, just unplugging it and putting everything in another pi including the SD card, and it seems to be working. Haven't had a single problem since...

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I am glad replacing the Rpi solved your problem.

What I saw in your logs is that your thermistor heater_temp, fails. see graph I included. It has a very wavy pattern during printing, suggesting it has a loose contact. bad crimp or similar.


Further in the latest part of your log I see your CAN can not make contact. This might be because of your Rpi is damaged because of the loosened heater_temp thermistor. 

So I would have recommended to check all cables and crimped ends again. 

But as I said, I am glad it is resolved.



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Hi Dirk, Thank you for your reply. I did replace the Thermistor you suggested, and havent had in Problems since then!

Sorry for the late Reply!

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