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Howdy from Texas

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Lurked at FDM many times. Have found some very helpful info. 

I have built a V2 2.4 a Trident and V02. Currently working on some upgrades to the running printers and am about 75% done on a second V2.4. I also have most all the parts to start a Micron 180 after al of that is done(could be a while). All my Vorons , except the Micron, were Fysetc kits. For the most part they have been good printers and the support from across the world has been better than I expected. 



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15 hours ago, WarHammerTF said:

What part of Texas? 

We are 20 miles or so east of Waco.

Not a whole lot out that way...

I'm about 30 miles north of Austin. I'm just on the edge of civilization. It's quiet, I like it. 🙂

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