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Jake O's v0.2

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so this 0.1 kit came up forsale and i grabbed it, it was posted as a revd 0.1 kit but for whatever reason has revc boxes. i checked the revd and revc boms from ldo and all that was diffrent was the motors and I got the rev d motors so im happy.  included is a 0.2 upgrade kit. So far I have self sourced a hiwin for x kirogami bed and some more parts are on the way such as that bondtech oem drive gear and a picobillica.  Frame colour is green with blue and orange printed parts . The kirogami is also blue. Start this once all the parts are in. 


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A little update. I have not kept up to date with the build log as much as I like, frame is as square as i could get it.  Axis seem to glide not to bad. the one hiwin and ldo are a touch bumpy but i imagin they will wear in. All rails were cleaned and lubed with mobilux ep2.  

Next step will be to run the belts, they have been cut to the same length so routing and tension and final trim are next step.

I will be using the filament runout on this one as well so the limit switch is soldered and installed. So far not to many issues i was very fussy with the frame and problem dumped way more time into it then needed. This is my first scratch 3d printer build so im hoping it turns out well.


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