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Hello.  I am considering building a Voron 2.4 and have read/watched many videos claiming how fast they can be while providing good print quality.  I currently have a Chiron with some mods that prints fine (slow, but fine)  I am using Prusaslicer with a custom profile.  If I were to print this file https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1937236 it takes me about 8 hours.  Could someone that has a built 2.4 load this file into their slicer and let me know how long it would take you.  I would be able to get a better answer than plugging this into a cura/superslicer default profile for the timeframe.   Thank you.

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I think it matters what your version of "Good Print Quality" and also what filament you choose to use, and the printing settings, how many perimeters infill, etc,

Typically, Voron 2.x users are get good to great quality at 80mm/s to 100mm/s with a 0.4 nozzle printing ABS - if you don't mind ringing, or have a finely tuned machine with input shaper, 120mm/s+ is not out of the question. Honestly the speed is typically bottlenecked by your hotend not being able to melt the filament fast enough.

Based on you question, in your slicer put the print speed to 80mm/s walls and 2k accel and you'll get a rough idea.

I'd be curious to see what you slicer actually say the difference is!


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I set my profile as you suggested and the time increased to 13.5 hours!  All of my tests seem to add time...lol

I decided to order my 2.4 kit anyway, so I will be able to do side-by-side testing anyway.

Counting the days to delivery and then the build.

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8 hours for that part is very fast. Could you give more details on how the slicer does that? I have a profile for fast printing that gives good dimensional accuracy but some ringing and It slices your part at +- 12 hours.

0.2mm layer height

3 outlines , 20% infill



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My slice has it at 15.5 hours. setting similar to Simon2.4... running at 65mm/s... I assume PLA so, I can push the print a bit faster. If printing for myself 19.75 hrs.

I'd say that's a pretty fast bed slinger Putrgeek has so, always wear safety protection!

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14 minutes ago, Putrgeek said:

I realize that I forgot to mention two things I think are required to get a more accurate result.

I am printing with a .06 nozzle and .36 layer height.

So when you slice for a 0.4mm nozzle, what time do you get?

with default settings for 0.6mm nozzle in superslicer it gives 6 hours.

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