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Hallo from Germany


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I got into 3D printing in mid-2018. The reason for my first 3D printer (JGAurora A5) was related to my other hobby. I'm a sport shooter, participating in IPSC competitions. Given the amount of 9mm ammunition used, I obtained a license to reload my own ammunition. After a while, I found it annoying to manually refill the bullets every 100 rounds, so I wanted an automatic bullet feeder. However, the price was around 400 to 500 Euros.

One day, I stumbled upon a YouTube channel about reloading, and in one of the videos, the presenter introduced an open-source project to DIY a bullet feeder using 3D printed parts. So, I ordered my first 3D printer, which cost about 300 Euros, including the first PLA filament. I loaded the STL files and started printing and building.

Since then, it turned out that 3D printing and upgrading the printer to make it better and better became another hobby of mine.

So, I started to enhance my JGAurora more and more. But one winter day in 2019, I decided it was time to look for a new, better printer and found the Voron project. Since the world struggled with the pandemic and life was locked down, I had time to build the Voron 2.4 350.

Since then, I've made the following improvements:

    Replaced the wires with a CAN bus.
    Removed the XY endstops and implemented sensorless homing.
    Replaced the Afterburner with the Stealthburner printhead.
    Tested a klicky z-probe.
    And now having the Voron TAP probe.

I'm now joining this forum because I've ordered the "Cartographer 3D probe" and one website pointed to this forum where i could download the STL files for the "Beacon CW2 Stealthburner Alternative mounts."


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