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TeamFDM Member's Creative Collection - Post and discuss your fun designs for printing - Read Me

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Our forum is all about Voron printers; all business... I don't know about you guys but once in a while I like to change the focus a little and work WITH the printer, rather than ON the printer... 😲

I would love to see thing that you guys are designing and using your printers for; a little insight into your creative minds... I suspect there's some amazing stuff hiding in there!🤩

So here's the idea, Lets use this page to show off the neat, original, personal and/or unique creations from our forum members.

Show off your CAD-Fu!




1 - It should be something of a personal nature, toys, unique tools, novelty items, fun stuff or art. No printer mods and such, there is already a place for that. OK if your mod falls in the above category, no one will get angry here 😉

2 - Is should be something you successfully printed. C'mon flex those printers.. Oh'yah 💪

3 - If you wish to, you are encouraged to include the STL file and print instructions if applicable. CAD files if you feel its relevant.

4 - Write a little something about the story behind it and include pictures or other media to make the page lively!

We'd like to get to know you guys a bit beyond the Voron experience so have a bit of fun with this!



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To create a post with the intent of sharing files, first submit the files to the Creative Collection; follow directions here https://www.teamfdm.com/files/category/4-creative-collection/ - When you post a file, a new topic will automagically be created in this forum to discuss and comment on your creations!

This will help ensure the perennity of the files as well as keep things organized and help locate files by users as the community grows.


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