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Voron Ballscrew = wow print quality.


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Just got finished building a 300x300mm Ballscrew Trident hybrid.

This is the first print out of the box after basic auto levelling. 

oddly enough we built this partially to sell it on FB market to cut down on all the extra parts we had laying around. 

im now trying to a Ratrig Screwball that we will be keeping for our own printer needs long term.  

quality looks good yes??


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You would need to upgrade your frame.  

The frame I am using has a base of 2040 and vertical posts that are 240 with the XY top gantry being 2020.

the 2040 reduces flexing and deflection from the ball screws which is what allows you to get quality like this.

Upgrade is fairly straight easy and some could try using 2020 all around but hard to guarantee it how well it would work.

We just know the quality is crazy good.

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So what have you done?   I assume replace the trident's three lead screws with three ball screws.     Typically the machined accuracy of ball screws is much better then the cheap lead screws typically used in the trident.  But is z-accuracy an issue that needs solving.

You wrote that some 2020 frame parts were replaced by 2040 parts.   My guess is that this alone could explain the improvement. 2020 are way to small.  We see this when people measure motion with accelerometers.  The peaked resonance is NOT a Good Thing.  A perfect printer would show a flat line response all the way across the bottom of the graph.


We already know that the belts vibrate like a guitar string but I've always suspected the 2020 extrusions contribute the most to this.   Going to 2040 would help a lot.   Diagonal (corner to corner) extrusions would help even more.


Stiffness is the cube of thickness.  So I would expect a 40mm wide aluminum stick to be 8x more stiff than a 20mm wide stick in the 40mm direction and 2X stiffer the other way because of the added material.

That "input shaper" is a quite good tool for showing problems in the frame design.


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