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Greetings from Portland, Oregon


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I'm just getting started with 3D printing.  I began with Prusa MK3S kit, built that 3 weeks ago, upgraded it to MK4 last week.  At this point I've probably printed 5kg of PETG and 2kg of PLA.  So I guess you could call me an "almost virgin".   LOL  Now I'm aching to move on to a second build - either Voron or RatRig - something more complex and challenging than the Prusa builds. 

I am a woodworker and precision machinist at heart, and write technical books, some of which are published on Amazon.  I have a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing my knowledge about European woodworking equipment and machinist activities as well as tutorials on the use of Fusion 360 in some off-the-path applications.  My shop projects and equipment build logs are documented here.  If you want to know more, hop over to my web site.

I will be seeking advice here as I move into more complex DYI builds.  Thanks in advance for helping out.


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Welcome to the forum!

I did about the same with my Prusa Mini build. About the time I finished it up I started looking seriously at the Vorons. "I pulled this off and it wasn't so hard. Maybe I can successfully build a Voron." And here I am. 😁

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