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Greetings All :)


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Like many, I decided to start my 3D printing experience using an Ender 3 Pro - the low cost barrier of entry seemed right. I didn't know what I was in for 🙂. Very effective (and necessary) yet challenging learning process. Results are more consistent now - planning towards building a Voron in the future (Ideally the 2.4)

  • Dual Z
  • Microswiss & Direct drive
  • Modded Voron type fan shroud
  • Upgraded thermistor 
  • Glass bed
  • 4.2.7 Silent board
  • Silicone bed supports
  • BL touch
  • Octoprint RPI 3B
  • Fans changed
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Welcome and nice to have you on board . I think you juiced that Ender3 😆 Go for the Voron! the more you study before you start, the smoother the experience will be but you seem pretty versed in the world of 3d printer custom work so it will be a breeze.

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Cheers, thank you - I'm in Brisbane, Australia. I have mainly been printing upgrades for the ender 3 and models, super hero's, masks, tanks etc - my 5 year old son absolutely loves painting them. I am dying to print more functional stuff - I do all the DIY at home but have held off as it has only been more consistent since the most recent batch of upgrades.  

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