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Voron 2.4 sensorless homing / klicky need help

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Hi all, Iam at the near end of a complete do over on my rig. 

Build specs: 


Octopus pro v1.1

ebb36 / u2c v2.1

orbiter 2.0 / XOL tool head

Klicky probe 


Ive gotten to the point of trying to set yo sensor less homing and it just doesnt work correctly per documents ive been pouring over through. Its reversed, and anytime I try to get into the printer.cfg file and use the ! symbol to reverse things it gets wonky. I have to be missing something very small, Ive tried reaching out on the discord to no prevail. If some some one has the time, and discord that can go through this with me and guide me it would be hugely helpful im almost there!

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