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Hello to all

Stephen Abela

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Hi, this is the latest prototype I am working on, its a stair climbing wheelchair with many functions intended to help the user interact with the world around with very little external assistance. it has a lot of components extremally tricky to print and is almost entirely printed out of ASA. I am currently building a large Vcore3 for this project as an industrial 3d printer is still out of the reach of my budget.

wheels4Allno printing-Model.pdf

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Most of the prints where done on two Anycubic Chiron machines fitted with volcano hotends with titanium heat breaks (as the stock hotends degraded too fast at 260deg). the largest prints where done on a stock Wanhao D9. I also printed small components on FLsun SR and an Unltimaker 2++. As you can immagine getting these machines to work properly with ASA was quite a steep learning curve with the exception of the super racer which performed wonders from the 2nd print onwards.

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I thought that you might be interested to see this,

This is a 0,4 scaled printed first prototype. This will be used to "debug" the hardware and test the control system safely at home in my "free time".

its entirely printed in ASA as all my trials to print the tyers in Filatough failed due to poor adhesion to any surface / ague I tried so far. Now I will try to raise some funds to build a bigger printer in a heated room to upscale to life size. 20220311_092223.thumb.jpg.c1b008f52e508ec979dab4a019fc22e3.jpg


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