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Review of a V2.4 PIF Parts Set


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Very interesting - thanks for putting this up. Some of the parts do seem a bit rough, especially that afterburner face plate.

I printed my V2.4 parts on a previous non-Voron printer and the PIF parts don't look too different from mine. However, I scrapped and reprinted a lot of parts to get to even that level of quality.

You point out a couple of apparently systemic issues, but aside from those, I would bet that a simple reprint would have addressed many of the flawed parts. That said, I don't think it's reasonable to expect PIF providers to reprint 25% of the parts one by one based on random snags or variations. That's way more work than printing preset plateloads and the providers are already pretty much donating their time as it is.

I would be curious to hear other people's experiences with PIF as well. Is it really possible to get to the point where quality is perfectly consistent among 100 parts just by running plates?

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Pretty detailed review, wow,  But, in my view,  you get what you pay for...  the PIF price for a 0.1 kit is $50 and there is a waiting list,  I got one from a guy with good reviews and pics on Etsy,  included all three print head parts and the quality was darn near excellent.  Now did I pay a little more than double? Yes but i got my stuff faster and I am now printing my own for my 2.4.  And just what I have printed so far  the PIF people are NOT making any profit at all,  hopefully they are breaking even.  I think you are looking at more of a "pretty" finish vs a quality part that is printed to specs that will "Function"  remember "We build space shuttles with gardening tools so anyone can have a space shuttle of their own."

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