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Legacy 185 Build Log


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Joined up partway through my Voron Legacy build and will try to post to catch up to where I'm currently at.  Plan for the build is a 185mm^3 build volume using a Prusa mini build plate.  I chose to go with the Legacy to use old parts that I had, as well as the nostalgia of running linear rods.

Current build plan includes

  • Prusa Mini 24v Build Plate
  • Carbon Fiber Rod X axis with Vesconite bushings 
  • LGX Mini Stealth from atrushing
  • FYSETC Cheetah V3.0 
  • Orange Pi Zero 2W 


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Made some more progress and got the X and Y axis assembled.  You can see my beer fueled mistake from this weekend in the picture…had the XY joints facing the wrong way at first.IMG_1603.thumb.jpeg.d745487c41beb3a7a88abdcc9cb7a014.jpeg

The Neptune 4 was busy printing the electronics enclosure overnight.  Cheetah and Orange Pi bolt right up!


Goals for this week are installing the belts, heatbed, and finishing up printing/building the M4 extruder.

Plan is to prove out the motion system using a simple M4 Bowden setup with a Dragonburner while I build an LGX mini-Stealth.

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