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Raspi Nano Edit > lost access to root directory

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I need some help from the Linux / Pi wizards! I was setting up my Klipper installs the other day to upload back ups to Git Hub Following the Mod Bot Guide. I got two out of 3 machines working. I fat fat fingered something in the Nano Editor and it closed by accident. Then I entered the command again, entered my GIT Token and then saved. It gave me an error saying another user was editing the file. 

The weird thing is now when I use the "LS" command in my home directory all the files are not visible? The printer and Klipper screen works fine.

I have no idea what I did? I noticed that there is a "jobs" listed in white on my SSH session. I would like to not have to reinstall everything. But I do have a back up of my config files....Few

On the other two printers the GIT Upload macro work great!

Official Instructions




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This still has be scratching my head. But I have a better idea of what's going on. 

I logged into my CR6-Se1 using Win SP. Under the home directory I found two users "Pi" and "Password" (my password for the pi profile) . Its like it the script created another user? I was typing pretty fast so maybe it prompted me for the user name and I put in my password? 

When I switch users using su <user-name> I can see all the regular files, run KIUAH etc. 

 I'm still confused how it now have two users on this machine but at least I have better idea what happened. 



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Update. I remember way back when I set up clipper and made the user / password differ from default. Then to make everything match I created the Pi account. So the other one must have still been the default account the script grabbed

In short operator error!

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