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Hello from Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Hey Everyone,

My name is Zach and I'm a manufacturing engineer by day and a tinkerer by night.  My hobbies include woodworking, disc golf, working on cars, and watching Formula 1.

I built my first 3d printer in college around 10 years ago (Hictop Prusa i3 Clone) and just recently got back into the hobby this year.  Currently have a Neptune 4 Pro and am building a custom Voron Legacy for fun. 

Build Plan is a 185mm^3 build volume with carbon fiber rods and Vesconite bushings for gantry, Prusa mini bed, and LGX Mini Stealth from atrushing.  Looking to build something unique with this one before starting on a 300mm V2.4 in the future.

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5 hours ago, zachb94 said:

Voron Legacy for fun. 

The only Voron I have not attempted - looking forward to reading your progress.

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Welcome. Definitely unique, I don't think there has been a Legacy build log yet (on here at least)? And looks like the serial is at 90 currently.


Also sounds like @mvdveer needs to join you to have a full collection! 😉

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