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Few upgrades on my 350mm 2.4


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Ran great mostly stock aside from Klicky for a long time. Printed all the parts for my VZ235, VZ330, RatRig 3.1 and Minion.

I decided to keep my 2.4 and 0.1 and sell all my other builds. My VZ builds, RatRig builds were never as reliable as the 2.4 and I just don’t have the time or more so didn’t wanna make the time anymore. May do a K3 and that’s about it. 

I did go Tap and added a NiteHawk a bit ago along with the BFI and BZI mods. They have all been excellent additions. I have decided it is time to give a little more love to the 2.4. 

Elite Machined Ultralight X Beam with CNC XY Joints

Mandala Rose Works Tinted Panels

Mandala Rose Works MagBed

Aluminum A&B Motor Mounts

Aluminum BFI 

Lots of miscellaneous for upkeep

LDO 2804

BTT 5160T Pro

AWD aluminum motor mounts

Galileo 2









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Still waiting for quite a few packages. I figure I only have time for one main hobby anymore. Anyone interested in buying some FPV drones. 😂 More on another wall with a ton of spares. 



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Gonna try 2wd with the 2804 on 48V first. So far speed and acceleration has increased quite a bit with no loss in quality. I really like the Aluminum motor mounts. Maybe I will get around to building my Galileo 2 this evening. 





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Ignore my wiring. 😂 I will get to it eventually. 

My aluminum BFI finally came in today. I got my UHP 200 mounted and wired. Finally on 48V. My new filament dryer showed up today.  Oh and I ordered a XP Power FLEXPOWER X7. May decide on one chunky power supply for everything. 




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