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Neopixel Wiring PROBLEM SOLVED



I have a 2 part question regarding Neopixel wiring.

First off I have the 1 part Stealthburner PCB Rev 4 / Octopus 1.x, I will eventually go to the 2pc at a later date.

I would like to verify that the order of pins for the Neopixel are Signal / Ground / 5V on the PCB.

Secondly will damage occur (fried) to the LED's if  the Ground / Signal wires are reversed ie; Ground/Signal/5V?

Stealthburner PCB Pins.jpg

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problem solved
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Problem Solved

My bad, while problem solving I disconnected the main LED/Filament Sensor plug from the main connector on the PCB just to check that I didn't have my wires mixed up and did a continuity check on the LED wire to the PB0 which checked out OK.

The presoldered neopixel harness I used had the signal wire in the middle so I changed that over to correspond to the PCB label.

So did all that and couldn't get the neopixels to light up, checked my config's rechecked the neopixel harness still no go. At this point I'm getting really frustrated so I called it a day and went back to look thinks over the next day.

I opened the toolhead PCB cover yet once again, this time to discover and staring me right in the face, a disconnected LED/Filament Sensor. I had forgotten to reconnect the plug after doing the continuity check.  Plug it in, restarted the printer and on came the neopixels as intended!


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