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Been lurking for a while off and on when I get tempted to build a Voron. I finally lost (or won?) and bought a 350 Trident kit from Formbot. Discord goes at hyperspeed and is hard to search (imo). Seems like there are plenty of people around here that know way more, hoping to tap into some of that when I get stuck.

Started with an Ender 3 Pro, 4 or 5 years ago did the bltouch and other minor upgrades not long after. Then upgraded to print ABS and a lack enclosure last year (around the time I found out about Vorons). I'm mostly looking to print in ABS, and at a larger size for some things... hence the 350.

Will probably be starting my build log and maybe somewhere I get stuck will help someone in the future.

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Welcome to the forum, some of us in here like the forum format over Discord for sure. Can't go wrong with the Formbot kit they have great support staff that will look after you. We all like to follow along so as @mvdveer mentioned a Build Diary would be great.


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