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   I began my 3D printing journey about a year ago now. I felt comfortable and confident enough now to try my hand at building the Voron 2.4. So far, so good. All mechanicals are done. Just getting to wiring. This is going to become challenging, especially since I have never used Klipper before. Been dealing with Marlin primarily from the start. I'm thinking about converting one of my other printers first to get my head around it, though I'm really excited about seeing the Voron in action. I'm a pretty quick study, but I'm sure I'll need a hand here and there. Looking forward to engaging with the community.

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Welcome to the community!

Remember, all of us have "Never Used Klipper before" the first time we used it too! Tons of information to help with Kilpper questions and a bunch of great Voron community member that will help if you get caught up anywhere. Creating a thread that outlines your Klipper first experiences, successes and any failures you have could be a great resource for others, and help you learn more quickly!

What part of the work do you live?

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I'm in little Rhode Island, USA. 😄

I just spent a couple of hours trying to get my Octopus to give me it's device ID. I went through a generic config and uncommented for the 300mm version of the 2.4. I'm getting some parsing error now. I can feel like I'm a few clicks away from getting this going, but I need a break. Soooo close. lol

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What is a Road Island? 

JK! I have visited Rhode Island in the past, love the state!

Post your issue in the Electronics section of the forum, hopefully you can get a response from someone who has had a similar issue, or once you figure it out, you can reply with what your fix was, and you can help someone else as well!

Make sure you include the exact parsing error given, and the config file you are using on the post, it will speed up getting it fixed!

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