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Mellow Fly Pi V2


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Was searching around for some canbus interfaces like the Fly-Utoc 1 and the first thing that pop ups is this board. Seems it has an integrated can communications bus.  


Replaces the extra board if you are not using the octopus board USB to Can bridge. Interesting developments.

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2 hours ago, netzwerg said:

Where do I find info on what linux will run on this specific board?

I think this board is developed specifically for 3d printing. As per their description on the website:


I won't be changing. Running Pi 4's on all of my printers, a pi for spoolman, a pi for monitoring temperature in the computer room, etc. Just putting it out there as point of interest for those that want to explore it further. This is what I could figure out:

image.png.0dce25b9b4808e5e06def9c9bdc9f83b.png image.thumb.png.4262ee0099ccc54b15eeecc871f814bb.png

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IMO its not worth running a SBC for a 3dprinter that isn't a PI or some other very well known board. The support for features shifting over OS version is too much a PITA. Granted I run RRF so having an SBC at all for a printer seems a bit silly to me but... Just stick to the main stream and have less headaches 

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