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Hello from Iowa!


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My name is Travis and I live in Iowa.

I started 3D printing at my previous job in Wisconsin with a 3D Systems ProJet 7000 (BIG resin machine) and a Fusion3 F410 (Core XY but kevlar string and pulleys). Both were good introductions to the basic workflow of 3D printing, but both were closed ecosystems that were very frustrating to work on. Especially that F410. oh, and the resin for the ProJet ($740/2L) is literally more expensive than blood ($150/500mL).

My wife and I moved to Iowa 3 years ago. About two years ago I bought an Ender 3 V2 and started printing at home. I was always looking for ways to upgrade it (Fan ducts, pi and Klipper, LEDs, camera, etc.) which naturally led me to the Voron Team through the Switchwire and similar conversions. Suddenly I couldn't care less about upgrading the E3V2 and I'm self-sourcing a V0 with the intention of bootstrapping into a V2. My Ender printed functional parts for the V0, donated it's Raspberry pi, and V0.2607 was printing by November 2022. It has been upgraded (read: money pit but in a good way 😅) many times since. It has also printed all the functional parts for a self-sourced V2.4 that should be up and running this weekend if the last few parts orders arrive on time.

But Travis, I hear you asking, how did you get the V2.4 skirts printed? You said the old E3V2 donated it's raspberry pi. Did you pay scalper prices for another pi? Pi alternative? *gasp* convert back to Marlin??? AND HOW DID YOU PRINT ALL THE V2.4 PANELS???

Well my Job in Iowa is at a large University and I have recently convinced my department to get a 3D printer. I wanted to build a Voron, but they decided on a Modix Big 60 for me to build instead. I will go into what I did to that later... So I used my own filament to print the skirts and panels. Now to convince them to let me build a Micron+ so I don't have to wait and eternity for the Modix to heat up just to print small parts...






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