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Hi all,  New to this forum so I'll introduce myself.

Started FDM about 10+ ago with a Makerfarm (wood frame) I3.  Modded that to the point that upgrades were more painful than a new printer...

Enter the Hypercube.  Jumped into that one with the 445 (400x400x500) model.  Idea was to give me a frameset that I could modify (and somewhat future proof).  Wrong!  Didn't like the rod system as I was going direct extruder (Hermera).  Ended up putting linear rails and Orbiter 1.5.  Started with Marlin but now run Klipper.

Recent upgrades/updates - from E3D-V6 to Rapido2 Plus (which included from EVA2 to EVA3), canbus for toolhead, klicky pcb, KAMP..

Looking now at part cooling options/upgrades.

These things are never finished!

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