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Central repository for sliced files

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So my fleet is up to three printers now and growing. A lot of what I do is prototypes so when I generate my 3MF files in Fusion 360 I have it open Ocra Slicer automatically.

If I reprint parts its usually from the local copy launched from Klipper screen.  Is there a way to have a central repository for all the files you have sliced? I keep looking casually at how the print farms handle this server aspect. I imagine a central Mainsail server that has all the files I've created, then I can just send it to which ever printer is available with out intervention from my PC (My kids always come down and take over my PC hahah). 

Just a random thought for future organization of files

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Intersting though, but need to consider:

File sliced for specific printer and specific filament - unless this is a constant, it may cause some issues. Not a problem if the printers are all the same make and size and the filament is a constant.

I currently store these stl's "printer specific" on the Raspi Pi in subfolders. When slicing, the filename includes the filament used. Can then just print on that printer once the filament is changed to that of the slice file.

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I agree different printers would cause some issues the way our G code is built currently 

Some of the HASS CNC machines can be programmed with variables at the top of the file (feed rates, rpms, ramp speeds etc) which is really handy to edit at the control instead of reposting all the time. 

Currently the code is built with the slicing PC doing all the hard work and calls out every fan speed and feed rates change. (That aspect of ORCA has been messing with my klipper screen overrides) 

We already have the object boundaries defined. It would be out of this world if software could leverage that geometric labeling to move/ exclude parts around for smaller print beds. 

Allot of the really fancy 5 axis machines have secondary verification software that does things like this but on a much greater scale. 

That's the pipe dream at least. 

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