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A Busy weekend - printer problems

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Well that was a PITA of a weekend.

First my V0.1 came up with a EBB communication issue - eventually I traced it down to a broken CAN low wire. My fault! I didn't give the EBB36 cable enough support.

Second, I upgraded the hotend on my V2.4 from a Revo Voron to a Revo Voron High Temp Hotside. It ran for about 3 hours and then mainsail indicated extruder temp was 273c and the graph showed that it was very unstable. I thought that the EBB36 had cacked itself. So I moved the Hotend and HE thermistor to the M8P (bypassing the EBB36) and tried again.

It ran for about 3 hours (I was running throught the calibration steps in Orca) before, once again, giving me a 273c indication. I let it cool down for an hour or so and tried again. 15 minutes and the temp was again at 273c.

I think the HE thermistor is up the swanny. I am waiting for a response from E3B.

On a more positive note - My V0.1 Fysetc kit came with a cheap and nasty hotend. I converted it to take Revo nozzles.

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