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Tony Williams


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I purchased Octopus Pro V1.01 board, and after great help from the team I was able to advance with my setup motors and everything seemed to be working. I made a fatal error trying to connect a Voron Tap and stuff the board.

I order a new board and a received Octopus V1.1 board. I have been trying for weeks to get it setup. Temp work fine, the program loads ok. But when I try to Buzz the stepper motors I receive a message:

Unable to read tic art ‘stepper _Z register Dry _STATUS

I have spent hours reading documents and trying other things re flashing but with no success.

I have tried to find a config file to down load but every thing is so confusing most config files are so ender printer but not one for voron 2,4 350.

Is there anyone one out there that has a working octopus V1.1 config file and what to do to get this printer off the ground.


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Sounds like it is a driver issue.  (Unable to read tmc uart stepper_Z register Drv_STATUS)

There is a difference in the pin naming of the octopus pro vs the octopus board. So you will need to check you have the correct pin definitions.  

Here is my V2.4 350 printer.cfg file so you can review your file against it. (Don't just use it instead of yours, as I have a lot of customisations)

Also make sure:

1. You have the board configured to UART mode for the drivers.


2. You have the drivers correctly seated in their sockets.

3. You have not accidentally used the M2_2 port to connect a stepper to.


Hope this helps



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I think you must have a lot of ender related searches in your search cache, probably why you run into all that.

I have the idea that the octopus was made specifically for the voron 2.4/trident printers...

On the vorons Octopus is the most used board. 

The octopus pro and the octopus are similar but will give you problems with certain pin settings. So be sure to use pin settings / ports according to the specifications.

The error you are getting seems to have to do with what @mvdveer says.

I would start from scratch. Remove the board from the printer, reflash and then set up things one by one. And test one step at a time. But you should do that what feels comfortable for you 🙂




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