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Filamentrix Build Diary


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Seeing there is not much in the way of a manual, I decided to put together a build diary.

Firstly - print all the part for Filametrix as per the GitHub. Additionally you will have to print the Guidler A, Guidler B and Latch from the CW2 repository 

Started with the clockwork assembly. If you follow the SB manual, it is pretty much the same assembly. This build is with two toolhead sensors for the ERCF V2.

Fitted the bearings, gears and ECAS connector

IMG_5875.thumb.png.02a4e64217bbbd70c7100d2037ec9609.png         IMG_5879.thumb.png.5fee15ea192cc4a9dc78db81c37e2fb8.png     IMG_5876.thumb.png.8a8af664b275c3a3dfd7377e7cf6fdba.png

Assembled and fitted the Guidler and latch

  IMG_5878.thumb.png.ee0da4621be29e2f88b557d540bce5b0.png    IMG_5877.thumb.png.0167f283796676fa20887463cb2f32ea.png   IMG_5884.thumb.png.cbefb73e2a90821804fd22ade287d073.png  IMG_5860.thumb.png.bc0b73055febf9ac1d22da49317123d7.png

Attached the first microswitch - note the ball bearing lining up with the microswitch

IMG_5864.thumb.jpeg.4d2698475abf73ca2673ad982c26bb44.jpeg     IMG_5881.thumb.png.dcd273aa6fdf058b487f4c71a4f3eb2e.png

and the second - first insert the 5.5mm ball bearing, then add the switch

IMG_5882.thumb.png.b960be774e0ef1f91431a0d45ef9e48e.png   IMG_5883.thumb.png.6a8d90cdfefe1c679208c39a5b92a21e.png


Assembled and put aside


Next Hotend Assembly



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Hotend Assembly.  

As I am a fan of the Voron Revo - this is the way I decided to go.


Fitted the revo


Fitted the cutting arm. ((Still awaiting M2.5x16 SHCS (weird selection of fasteners) as well as the #4 cutting blades - cannot get them easily in my area))

IMG_5871.thumb.png.69585383ed122bf1caefdc35909c5387.png    IMG_5873.thumb.png.afb71405d2c37e1cb454c35ff4741384.png  IMG_5872.thumb.png.8371d358c39a8efbcf099532f9f95668.png   IMG_5862.thumb.jpeg.0789b62bcefe0f7688bb23cc0d722265.jpeg


The BOM says to use a spring from a ball point pen. Believe me - I have many and non of them are the size described in the BOM. Ended up cutting one to length. Interestingly the tension in the gold coloured spring was much more than the silver - so ended up using that.


The BOM also mentioned a modified M3 Nut - how. Tried 3 different ways - Burring one end, drilling a partial 4mm hole, drilling a 4mm hole through the nut. Burring results were inconsistent - likely because I do not have tools sophisticated enough to accomplish this task. In the end I used the nut that I drilled a 4mm hole into.

The first two are an attempt to burr the bottom of the nut, the 3rd the partial 4mm hole and the last the 4mm hole.


Measured the length of PTFE tubing required, attache the modified nut and inserted into the hot end.


Assembled onto a Mellow Fly CNC carriage for the beacon probe.

IMG_5887.thumb.png.7e5845a0cbde223d39a9ee0507d6156e.png  IMG_5888.thumb.png.9ce8249d91d186fede3537d63b6be579.png   IMG_5889.thumb.png.2bc3dbe2dc5ebda5fe1eecfd0bbe73a4.png


Now I have to put it all together - ERCF, Filametrix and printer.

Will let you all know how I get along.

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I had to look up what this was. So... It's a filament cutter and it looks like a filament sensor is also added as well.

Here's a link to the github in case anyone else would like to investigate further. 


This might be something cool to have even if you're not planning on building an ERCF.

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6 hours ago, Penatr8tor said:

It's a filament cutter and it looks like a filament sensor is also added as well.

Sorry should have clarified - this is to accompany the ERCF V2.

Yes it is a filament cutter - cuts out the need to do the filament tip tuning calibrations 😂 There is a whole three pages dedicated to this.


And yes,  it has two sensors - one to detect the filament as it enters the extruder (before the gears) and one before it enters the hotend (after the gears).  Again it is meant to eliminate errors in Bowden Tube lengths, etc.



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16 hours ago, mvdveer said:

Yes it is a filament cutter - cuts out the need to do the filament tip tuning calibrations 😂 

The RatOS filament unload macro is doing some kind of tip creation to make loading easier next time around but, it rarely gets it right. Most of the time I get a bulge at the end that makes it tough to pull it out of the bowden tube. The sensors and cutter could be pretty useful on a non ERCF printer and also save some work if someone was considering adding one later.

Good info, Thanks @mvdveer

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Here are the dimensions for Happy Hare config, Phaetus Dragon with Filametrix.



The STL for the front half of the extruder has a cutaway for easy access to the extruder thermistor connection on the SB2209.


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