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Beacon setup

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Need some help setting up Beacon, it’s a Rev H. I have followed the instructions on the Beacon website. I have my CanBus working fine, I ran the USB cable for the Beacon, plugged into my RPi. When I SSH into my RPi and enter the command to get the dev ID for the probe, I get no such file or directory. What am I missing/doing wrong??

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You're looking for a file under /dev/serial/by-id, correct? The appearance of that file should be completely automatic - you shouldn't have to do anything but plug in the USB cable at both ends (Beacon and RPi). Check the wiring and try a different USB port on the Pi. If that doesn't help, the Beacon might be DOA.

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On 1/28/2024 at 5:32 PM, mvdveer said:

ssh into the pi and stop the klipper service

sudo systemctl stop klipper

then try again

Ok, entered the line you gave me. Typed in: ls dev/serial/by-id/ and got the same error. No such file or directory. 


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