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Voron 0.1 M5P/CB1/EBB36 - Z Endstop triggers but does not stop Z travel

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9 hours ago, mvdveer said:

Try !PD2

I tried that, with strange results.

X & Y home as normal (colour change to blue on the dashboard).

Z now goes in the wrong direction and pressing the Z endstop switch does nothing, but! Releasing the Z endstop switch stops Z travel and both X & Y unhome (change back to orange on the dashboard).

Reversing Z direction gives: X & Y home as normal. Z homes in the required direction until I trigger the endstop but, I get the error Endstop z still triggered after retract and X & Y both unhome.

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I moved the Z endstop switch connect to Min 3 on the board and updated the printer config to suit - it now works. It also works if I move it to Min 4 on the board.

This leads me to think that Min 2 / PD2 is either not working or PD2 is not the correct assignment for Min 2.

I am happy that I've got it to home all correctly but, I am now not sure if the SFS will work.

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