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Clever3D.de - Voron Vendor for Aluminum Build Plate

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Does anyone have experience with Clever3D.de? They are on the Voron Sourcing Guide and they have a service to cut an 8mm thick flattened build plate to order.

This would be a perfect solution for fixing my wonky Switchwire bed and I could even stretch it to 310mm wide x 350mm deep but their website isn't exactly complete and I can't even find any contact information even though that is required to order a custom size..


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There are many aluminum plate providers from Germany on amazon.de.

I also contacted a few of them and they all were prepared to cut it to size.

I just don't know if such aluminum plates would be flat enough for printing purposes.

The site you refer to is indeed funny. I can imagine some people like to work instead of being busy with legal foreign text in their website 😂 But if it's listed on the Voron sourcing guide, they should be reliable. 





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