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Updating your firmware with Katapult - Jan 22 2024 (Canbus)


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They do warn you before you do the update 🤔


 I've made this guide for anyone who previously installed Katapult (formerly Canoot) and enabled the "support bootloader entry on rapid double click of reset button".

Use this link to get your device settings and recompile Klipper one at a time. Once for your mainboard and reflash and then for your EBB device and reflash.



Recompile Klipper for your mainboard

You'll need to access your electronic bay to press the reset button on your mainboard. Press it twice, SSH into your Pi and if Katapult was enabled you should see your ST32 model come up.


Enter the command to get your board serial # :



Enter this command with your serial #:

python3 ~/katapult/scripts/flashtool.py -f ~/klipper/out/klipper.bin -d /dev/serial/by-id/ <your serial #>

This will flash Klipper to your mainboard.

(EBB) Tool Head

Recompile Klipper for your EBB device

You'll need to access your EBB device on your tool head and press the reset button twice, enter this command:

python3 ~/katapult/scripts/flashtool.py -i can0 -q

Your UUID will come up


Enter this command with your UUID:

python3 ~/katapult/scripts/flashtool.py -i can0 -u <your UUID> -f ~/klipper/out/klipper.bin

This will flash your EBB device

Enter this command:

~/klippy-env/bin/python ~/klipper/scripts/canbus_query.py can0

You should now see both of your UUIDs and your printer should be "ready"!

Note: On the BTT SB2209 when you press the reset button twice the red LED should go from solid red to flashing red. Not sure if other EBB boards have a red flashing LED so please update and confirm this in the post for other boards.




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  • PFarm changed the title to Updating your firmware with Katapult - Jan 22 2024 (Canbus)

Accomplished this ugrade on Voron 0.2 with SKR Pico and EBB36 through U2C.

As expected, the upgrade from Klipper 0.11 to Klipper 0.12 crashed the system with the MCU errors, above. Compiling Klipper for the SKR Pico went as expected but flashing while connected normally did not work. Instead, I downloaded the resulting klipper.uf2 file to my computer and plugged the Pico into a USB port, then manually copied the klipper firmware in Finder to the Pico in Flash Memory mode (Boot Jumper installed).  

Compiling and flashing Klipper for the EBB36 went as expected over the CAN Bus, using the normal script but referencing "Katapult" folder instead of "CanBoot" folder.   

python3 ~/katapult/scripts/flash_can.py -i can0 -f ~/klipper/out/klipper.bin -u <myuuid>

The U2C was entirely transparent to this operation.


Now onwards and upwards to the Voron 2.4!

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OK,  No projects on hand so I got Klipper 0.12 running on Voron 2.4. The Voron 2.4 currently runs an Octopus and a Mellow-Fly sb2040 through a U2C.

While I was at it, installed Katapult as CanBoot was still on the Pi.

Installed Klipper update, got the expected MCU error.

Compiled and installed Katapult, then Klipper 0.12 on the FLY SB2040. Strangely, after a restart, no MCU warning was shown, even though the Octopus was still displaying Klipper 0.11.

Compiled and installed Klipper 0.12 on the Octopus  with an SD card install. It seems one can easily access the SD Card by removing one Electronics Bay cooling fan.   Klipper now runs without complaint, showing both the Octopus and the SB2040 running Klipper 0.12.  

One interesting side effect: My beeper tunes no longer play as expected!  It is now acting as if PWM is inactive for the beeper pin... no more interesting tunes from the Octopus, just monotonous beeps.  Found it! Nevermind...


Question: I see in the release notes that Klipper 0.12 has Arc Support.  I also noted that OrcaSlicer supports this. Has anyone tried using this?


Fix for Beeper issue here: https://klipper.discourse.group/t/after-latest-update-to-v0-12-0-98-m300-beeper-doesnt-work-properly/13523


Note: Mellow-FLY has vastly improved their instructions on configuring the SB2040 here: https://mellow-3d.github.io/fly_sb2040_v2_canboot_can.html

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Found answer!
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