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Voron 0.1 BTT M5P, EBB36, CB1 - MCU Protocol error

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So after doing yet another flash routine I now get an 

MCU Protocol error


Your Klipper version is: v0.12.0-85-gd785b396
MCU(s) which should be updated:

KIUAH says that I already have the latest version installed - is this a bug?

Is there a fix?

I tried following this https://github.com/bigtreetech/CB1/issues/160 but it did not fix the issue.




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You need to recompile the Klipper firmware for the Manta 5P and the EBB36 and reflash both devices, then your MCU will be recognized by Klipper. If used this guide to reflash my Octopus and the SB2209 on my Trident. If you install Katapult (formerly Canboot) on your device and enable the press reset twice feature then you just need to press the reset twice on your devices to put it into Katapult mode to update Klipper. 


One way to find out if you've enabled Katapult previously is to press the reset button twice on your mainboard, ssh into the device do the lsusb command and you should see your mainboard ST32 number come up.


Canbus with Katapult Update Guide

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21 hours ago, cjkennedy72 said:

If you have an EBB36, which I have several... all you need to do is comment out the ADXL config and this goes away. Has happened on both my Voron 2.4 and my VZ-Trident


Mine was alread commented out.

I fixed the issue by flashing new firmware to the M5P. There were two different levels of klipper, one version on the board and a different version on the CB1.



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Glad you got yours sorted more easily... I had my EBB ADXL enabled, updated every component that runs Klipper, including my RPi, and was still getting the version error and message concerning the EBB's ADXL. I at that point knew all my components had the same version and decided to disable the ADXL, which got things going again.

That was on the first one... the second printer, I commented out the ADXL, updated Klipper and everything continued working.

As someone who has spent a lifetime troubleshooting tech-related issues and nebulous errors, I am glad your issue was easier to solve than mine.

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