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Celebrating a Victory 2.4 is running.

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So, I recently purchased a 2.4 kit from Siboor. Excellent kit! I started the build 2 weeks ago and I powered it up today.  I had a few minor issues, I forgot to power the Rpi and the SSR, but those were easy fixes. The A and B motors were swapped so it didn't want to home. I missed 2 jumpers in the BTT 2240 CAN board, so it errored due to the end stop being triggered. Oh, and I had to reverse some pin logic in a few spots and change the bed size. Between just double checking my work, and a few Google searches I was able to get all these issues fixed. 

So far, I had got it homing, QGL is working, Bed mesh is good, PID tuned the hot end and bed and I ran input shaper. No melted filament yet, that will be tomorrow. 

So, its a 2.4 R2, all CNC parts, Tap, BTT CAN 2240, 5in touch screen with Klipper screen, HiWin Rails, and Chaotic Labs CNC Tap is in the mail. Phaetus Dragon HF hotend. 

I'm also working on a new Kinamatic bed, I hope it will be simpler and cheaper using mostly easy to get/make parts. 

So far this has been a great build and a lot of fun. But not it has me thinking about building a V0.2 or a Micron. 

Yes, the build plate is off in the picture. Half of this build was done in a hotel room where it is currently. 


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1 hour ago, First Layer said:

thinking about building a V0.2 or a Micron. 

Having built both, I use the micron more than the V0 (Have 3 of those, Vo stock, Trizero and a Boxzero). V0 builds = 120mm Micron = 180mm. Both excellent printers and fun to build. Cannot go wrong with either!

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