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Hot stepper motor & driver


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My V0.2r1's B stepper drive is getting very hot even when idle.  I noticed the driver (I think) is getting hot too (heatsink on SKR Pico).  My A & B drive configs are the same in my printer.cfg.  Any ideas?  I know its wired correctly since I have done a lot of prints on this machine before I rebuilt it (just changed the colors on all the printed parts).  Thanks in advance!


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Your A and B motors are configured for StealthChop (stealthchop_threshold: 999999)

StealthChop could make the motors produce more heat (according to Klipper documentation, about the extruder and PA)

SpreadCycle is recommanded mode in the documenation.

The use of "hold_current" is discouraged. Can be seen in the stepper_z section.

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Make sure you vet out all options and review all configuration files, but I just faced an issue recently with my enraged rabbit where one of the stepper motors was getting extremely hot. I tried everything and ultimately found that the driver itself was bad. I was able to prove it by swapping in the driver from the motor that was working good at which point it wasn't happening anymore. Just wanted to throw this out there was surprise in the Voron Discord that the driver itself had gone bad and it was the last place people were suggesting to look.

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