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Induction probe question

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First time voron builder. Doing it abit diffrent with a siboor switchwire kit. My controller will be an skr e3ez  v1.0

My question comes from I may be leaning towards canbus for the toolhead  and I don't belive any of the canboards have 24v for the stock omron probe I will be starting with. 


Anyways the short of it is could I use a signal pin off of the toolhead board and then pull the 24v from say psu ? Thanks. 

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Welcome to the forum. If you are so inclined, please consider a build diary as we love to follow along. 

1 hour ago, Juicebx93 said:

I may be leaning towards canbus for the toolhead  and I don't belive any of the canboards have 24v for the stock omron probe

Most of the Canbus boards have a high Voltage port, either dedicated as VIN or VCC as seen in the below example of the SB2040 (HV Endstop) which can be used.



This is the wiring as per the Mellow Fly website:


Sure the other manufacturers like BTT would have this option as well. I know the BTT EB36 has two "Vin" connections for the fans which can be utilised if you want to go that way. But then there is the issue with the BAT85 diode, which unfortunately I cannot help with. Sure someone on the forum with more knowledge on this subject will guide you in the correct way.


Hope this helps some in your decision.

Welcome again.

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Thanks. Yep I will dry and document the build and post it in the diary section. Yeah I was curious to see that mellow dosnt have a bat 85 in that diagram but I've seen some of the none can boards have a bat 85 right on them.  Including the one that came in my siboor kit.


In any case if I have to solder one into the signal cable that's not the end of the world but we will see what comes up. 

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3 hours ago, Juicebx93 said:

My controller will be an skr e3ez  v1.0...

....canbus for the toolhead....

...pull the 24v from say psu...

Which toolhead are you considering to use? If you know which one, take a look at the documentation.

The idea of canbus is that you only have 4 wires going to the toolhead. Not more, like the 24v from the PSU. I think it is unnecessary and it might cause conflicts (like @mvdveer nicely illustrates and explains).

If you have not found it yet, a good place to look for an oversight, including all kinds of settings a.o. for your board, take a look here.

Welcome to the forum 😄


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19 hours ago, Juicebx93 said:


Like @mvdveeralso said, on the schematics for the EBB36 there is no immediate pin for 24v. There are even references that tell you not to use an omron probe with the ebb36 because of the challenge of getting 24v. A solution would be like you mentioned: an extra wire directly from the psu ... but if you are going to pull another line next to the can-cable, why not do it without can (and all the hassle that comes with it 🙂 )

I am curious at what Siboor advises.

@ChicagoKeri has written an excellent review of her experience with BTT and Mellow can boards, which made me lean towards a Mellow/Fly board.


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There's this mod : https://forum.vorondesign.com/threads/smoked-ebb36-on-power-up-possible-octopus-damage.212/

Requires a 2x5 Dupont pin header, a BAT85, and a piece of wire. The magic smoke was released because of reversed power, not because of the mod !

(on my side I wanted to use the EBB36, and didn't want to bother with this mod ; purchased a Biqu Microprobe)


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I do have the option coming of avoiding a ebb36 while using stealth burner.  I never considered mellow but at the low cost of this can hardware maybe I can snag one

Anyways what lead me to start to think about this is the guy let out some magic smoke with the supplied harness with the siboor kit.   Advisable to check it with a meter. Some guys have decided to avoid the stock wiring


As far as running a wire seperate. Yeah not great but I could live with it until until maybe going tap or somthing.  

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