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Very nice design, but is it really usefull ?

Since I adapted the Stealthburner on my bed slinger, and with the Mini Stealthburner on the v0.2, I very rarely had to use cutting pliers. Have "E3D ram purge" gcodes in the unload_filament macro, and always get a nice filament tip. The extruder never has problems with.

In some very rare occasions, I had to cut the end. It only happened after a problem occured, and the print was messed up : grinded filament / heatcreep. Very rare. Last time was bercause of a manual filament "change at height", because the macro didn't keep the toolhead at printing temperature.

Could it the Filametrix be required for some materials ?

Asking for two reasons.

- ERCF or not, it could be useful

- but it makes the tool cardridges more complicated, as the cutting tool  is attached to it

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Posted (edited)
20 hours ago, Hulign said:

Way more filament changes

Makes a lot of sense !

Was wondering because I just made a bunch of classic Stealthburner cardridges (nine), and plan to build a ERCF...


Will to dedicate one for the ERCF... Most likely the Rvo, all others being V6 with CHTs and hardened nozzles.

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