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LDO LED stripes


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The LDO kit came with 2 LED stripes.

Rather warm white (no RGB), 10mm 8mm width, the stripe can be cut every 50mm, and 6 LEDs / 50mm (=120 LED/m), I see no reference, and these stripes don't even appear in the BOM (only in the FAQ)
They fit these bar clips : https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/eddie/LED_Bar_Clip

I'd like to add a third one (left front and right) and make them dimmable independantly because why not ; I know nothing about LED stripes

3000K ? 4000K ? I'd say 4000, at most 5000, sure it isn't 6000. I'd like to buy the same...

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Nobody answered this idiot, I will...

Whatever LED stripe you buy, you will get enough length for the whole printer, your 0.2, your bed slinger, your wife, her sister and a couple of neighbours. And all the lightings will be assorted. Order 5 meter of warm white, 120 LEDs/meter, and stop asking stupid questions !

(I'm sure everybody was thinking this 🤦‍♂️ )

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I have a pair of sticks (not matchsticks) on the 0.2, had to cut one LED off from each. Moreover, it is RGB, not RGBW. Really not happy.

Tomorrow, should receive 5 meters of COB LED stripe, 4000K, 384 LEDs/meter, 10W/m, 100 lumens/W, 24V, can be cut every 42mm ; 5 meter = 25 €

Not a great fan of RGB, except the BARF mod. 4000K is not ideal for shooting pictures, but 5500/6000 is too "agressive" (have a adjustable 3000/4500/6000 or so adjustable lighting for the workbench).

COB : more LEDs, looking like a "neon" ; they are narrower (5mm vs 8mm), should fit the Zero. Discovered COB stripes yesterday...


Will have to design something for the Zero, and remix Eddy the Engineer diffusers for the 2.4.

On the Zero, the Picobilical RGB outputs will not be usable. Will have to switch to CANBUS (already have the EBB36 for it), and free the toolhead MOSFET in order to make them dimmable. I plan to use 4 or 5 : 2 under the Y rails, 2 or 3 in the hat (or even 4).

Of course, I'll update this thread and share the designs. Designs that most likely already exist... But designing is fun.

It's incredible how these two japanese researchers changed the world with this idea of LEDs producing UVs and fluorescence. They made what fluorescent lights were doing for decades, but nobody was doing with LEDs. They made the electrical companies save trillions of euros or dollars in copper (the copper industry most likely hate them !).

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Completely forgot to search for RGBW ; only not too cold white, not thinking that red/yellow would have adjusted the light ! Just had a look on Amazon, and there's a lot more offers. Even COB. RGB being a bonus. At the same price or even lower.
Too late... They will be delivered within 10 hours from now...


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Return of experience :

Happy with these LED stripes. The color temperature is exactly what I needed.


Not super powerfull, but will be more than enough. Installed left, front, and right. Had to remix the Eddy's blocks : these blocks, according to the STEP files, are for 5.8 mm, and didn't hold tight enough. Resized the clips for 6mm (20x20 LDO extrusions I got). Of course had to resize the stripe path. Will upload the remixed files soon, the remix is reliable and will not require the 500 to 1000 hours I consider as a minimum for structural parts.

One advantage of COB stripes : so many tiny LEDs that we don't have to care about their alignment. On the other hand, 42mm sections is a bit long. Perfect for a 2.4/350, not sure it is suitable for 300 or 250. But should be just perfect for a 0.1/0.2

Made them dimmable, hooking them to HE1, HE2 and HE3. AWG22 wires. They produce very little heat.

[EDIT] uploaded the files

LED_Bar_Clip_Misumi_version2_COB_MOD.STL LED_Bar_Clip_Misumi_version2_COB_MOD.STEP

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