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Handy JST Pin loader video


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I've posted about this in my early build but recently I made a video for someone on the Voron FB group and it was well received. 

Crimping the smaller connectors was something I avoided for a long time. But after I saw these crimpers on an Adafruit video and made my pin loader it was a game changer for me. Combined with the knippex mini stripper I can confidently make up cables 👍. I hope this helps someone

Video Link


Knippex Stripper

KNIPEX Tools - Precision Mini Wire Stripper, 26-36 AWG (1280040SB) https://a.co/d/hM1tBvQ

Knippex 2mm Minimum Strip Mod


Engineer crimper PA-09

Engineer Precision Crimping Pliers for Open Barrel Terminals PA-09 https://a.co/d/fEPhCxh

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Watching the video, I understood why the PA-09 is so popular. I have a really good ratcheting crimping tool that does the two crimpings at once, but seeing/feeling the limit of the insulation if not always easy. Crimping first the strands, then the insulation makes it trivial. Thought it was just an overhyped and overpriced low end tool... Will definitely buy one.

Is there an equivalent for Dupont ? The crimping on the insulation has to be 'O' shaped, unlike JST, Molex, and many others, ( '3' shaped)

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@YaaJ Glad you like it! I have one of the Chinese dual crimp tools tool. I actually made the pin loader to help with that originally but then I saw the Adafruit video with this crimp tool and said I'm sold! 

 I didn't know the Dupont connectors need a different  shape on the crimp? As far as I know all these crimpers make the '3' shape. I've use this one on some Dupont connector kits but they might be the generic equivalent from china. 

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I have the Hobby King crimp tool for RC servo connectors, it seams to work as well on all other connectors I have run across. it has large and small crimp dies. I also have a pair with 3 different size crimp dies. markings show .25mm, .5mm and 1mm.

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Crimping the Micro JST connector is the worst! One had better be good at threading a needle. They make Dupont connectors look gargantuan.


I use the iCrimp IWS2820 Mini Micro crimper with good results for JST connectors.  The IWS2820 is rated down to 0.08㎟ / 28ga on its smallest 0.7mm die but that's ridiculously tiny.  Maybe I'll give the PA-09 a try.

The (relatively) huge DuPont and Molex connectors are easily done with a single step Die type crimper.


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7 hours ago, YaaJ said:

This website is a gold mine

Brilliant write up - this should go in the bookmark section of all 3d printer builders. Thanks for sharing.

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