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BTT Mini 12864 V2.0 on a Manta M8P with Ribbon Cable


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Was struggling to find anything on the internet about this, so posting my solution here.

I have a BTT Mini 12864 V2.0 and was trying to use the supplied 18 pin ribbon cable to connect it to my Manta M8P.  I figured out the pinouts and Klipper display configs, so posting it here for others to find.  

If using the attached file, make sure to comment out/delete your display settings in printer.cfg and add [include displays.cfg]


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Thank you for posting this because I had been struggling.  Your .cfg file was helpful to get me functional.

I do have a question though.  My LED neopixel setup must be incorrect because they are not acting as expected.  What part of the setup must I have wrong?



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Welcome to the forum. It would help if you posted the config you have for your LEDs, there could be a number of things and we need more information to try and help. The first thing I would check is make sure the wiring is correct then that the config is telling Klipper to look at the pin you have the signal wire connected to.

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Glad there is a community of people willing to help. 

Config Below. I am using the flat cable.


[board_pins my_aliases]
mcu: mcu

  # EXP 18 Pin Ribbon Cable on BTT Mini12864 V2.0
  EXP1=<5V>,       # +5V
  EXP2=<GND>,      # GND
  EXP3=PF11,       # D7
  EXP4=PF12,       # D6
  EXP5=PF13,       # D5
  EXP6=PF14,       # D4
  EXP7=PF15,       # LCD-CS
  EXP8=PG0,        # LCD-EN
  EXP9=PG1,        # BTN
  EXP10=PE7,       # Beep
  EXP11=RST,       # RST
  EXP12=PE8,       # SD-DET
  EXP13=PE14,      # SD-MOSI
  EXP14=PE10,      # ENCB
  EXP15=PE11,      # SD-CS
  EXP16=PE15,      # ENCA
  EXP17=PE12,      # SD-SCK
  EXP18=PE13       # SD-MISO

[output_pin beeper]
pin: EXP10

# BTT Mini12864 V2.0 LCD Display
cs_pin: EXP8
a0_pin: EXP7
rst_pin: EXP6
contrast: 63
spi_software_miso_pin: EXP18
spi_software_mosi_pin: EXP13
spi_software_sclk_pin: EXP17

lcd_type: uc1701
encoder_pins: ^EXP14, ^EXP16
click_pin: ^!EXP9

[neopixel btt_mini12864]
#    To control Neopixel RGB in mini12864 display
pin: EXP5
chain_count: 3
initial_RED: 0.0
initial_GREEN: 0.0
initial_BLUE: 0.0
color_order: RGB


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20 minutes ago, Kaye7877 said:

pin: EXP5
chain_count: 3
initial_RED: 0.0
initial_GREEN: 0.0
initial_BLUE: 0.0
initial_WHITE: 0.0
color_order: RGB

Delete the "initial_white" the LEDs are RGB and not RGBW. You also need to assign a colour number to red, green, and blue. The attachment will help you select the colour and the assign numbers to get the colour you want in your display.


Ex: Orange

initial_RED: 255
initial_GREEN: 128
initial_BLUE: 0.0

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Sorry, left that in there during some trial and error testing.  I had tried the RGBW setting and obviously that was wrong.  Removing it makes no change in behavior as it still makes no sense on what it is doing. 

I can select 

       SET_LED LED=btt_mini12864 RED=1 GREEN=0 BLUE=0 INDEX=1 TRANSMIT=0
       SET_LED LED=btt_mini12864 RED=1 GREEN=0 BLUE=0 INDEX=2 TRANSMIT=0
       SET_LED LED=btt_mini12864 RED=1 GREEN=0 BLUE=0 INDEX=3 

And I get one kinda greenish, one blue and one blueish. If I turn off all except the INDEX 1 and try the different colors, I still get two or more LEDs coming on at some color that makes no sense.

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The color wheel does not work, gives me random colors and intensities.  The three LEDs on the LCD are not coming on the same color or intensity .  I must have something fundamentally incorrect somewhere.  

Thanks for the input.

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5 hours ago, claudermilk said:

Are your LEDs RGB or GRB? Yes, it's weird, but some LEDs require that different order. My Trident uses WS2812B strips which need that order. So does the Rainbow Barf logo LED. The spec nozzle LEDs use GRBW.

LED's on the BTT 12864 V2 display are listed on the BTT site as RGB. @Kaye7877 have you checked to make sure the flat cable is seated properly at both ends?

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Turns out the issue was a cable problem.  I purchased a 500mm cable because of the position of my LCD display with respect to the Manta M8P.  If I use a shorter cable, the LEDs work perfectly.  If I utilize either of the 500mm cables I purchased, the problem is the same with unpredictable colors and intensities.  The text on the display is working with no problems with either cable.  

Is there anything I can do to fix that problem besides reconfiguring the layout of my electronics bay?  I might use a BTT Pi 5 instead of rearranging the electronics. 



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