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Voron 2.4 Hannover/Germany


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i am 52 years old and a IT guy from Hannover. My passion are Apple  Computers.

Since two years I am into 3D printing. I start with a Tero Flash and than switch to a Artillery Sidewinder. Now I am Building a Voron 2.4 300x300.

let's melt plastic....

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Woo! Glad to have you on board.

I am a web dev, and have worked on a mac for the the past 15+ years. I was able to score one of the new M1 Pros recently - finally back to really good hardware.

How are you sourcing your 2.4? I would be thrilled to see a build diary, including a diary on the source process and thoughts if you have the time to share with the community!

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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Yes.. I'm got a new MacBook Pro with M1 max too and I love it.
I See that this web Software is well crafted. It feel snappy and the User experience is very good.

The 2.4 is in the middle of the build. As a lazy ass I ordered a Kit from formbot3d and ABS Parts at vonWange.

The Kit arrived at Friday after 2 month of waiting. If I know this before ordering I think I had sourced it by myself. 🙂


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Sweet, OSX FTW!

Thanks for the feedback on the teamfdm.com - slowly working to make this an awesome community.

How was your experience with https://vonwange.com/? I just created a listing for the site on the links directory and would love for you to leave a review for the site/product there to let others know, and it if was good, to help out VonWange too.


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