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Hallo from Germany


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Greetings, Hello, Moin...

...from Hamburg. My journey into FDM is probably very similar to lots of others. Hand-Me-Down Ender 3 (Klipper, ABBN..the works) led me to a V0.1 which led me to my first DIY project (220mm H-Bot with EVA) and finally to a parts bin 2.4/350. I really like printers πŸ™‚. And I really like Voron, because I feel like the platform gives you a perfect excuse to tune everything to perfection, only to rip it apart again. Then upgrade and then try to tune it up to a level similiar to where it was before ripping it all apart πŸ˜„.

My next goal is to get the 2.4 somewhere in the 15k for allday "quality"-prints-range. For now it's mostly stock, with single mgn9, stealthburner, orbiter 1.5, spider v1 and still on dragchains.



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