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Superslicer -- Back again


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For those interested - SuperMeril has returned to work on Superslicer. A new release has been pushed a year after the last release, mostly bug fixes. The next release will merge Prusaslicer 2.7.

A quote from the website:


I left my job, so I can now concentrate to develop this software full time.
here it's a collection of pull request and bugfixes from the last version, before i merge with prusaslicer2.7

I noticed there is no OSX/Mac version though - interesting


The mac version sin't built, because I need to do some more work for it to be able to be built normally.

So I guess I will continue using Orcaslicer - have gotten quite used to it by now.

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Orca slicer is my goto for both my printers using stock profiles at .2mm height.  The .15mm isn’t as good on my ender3 but the .2 works great.  Especially with PLA.  The Voron 2.4r2 prints great ABS and ASA but doesn’t cool enough for the fast stock profile when printing PLA.  Working on a CPAP blower mod using the existing Stealthburner cover.  I’ll start a different post for that though.

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