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Jocke Formbot kit


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40 minutes ago, Jocke said:

I went with the formbit kit.

You will be happy with this. I think @Buurman has now build about 20 of those kits and his only gripe was the wiring looms. I have build four so far and because I use Canbus, I did not use the wiring looms that long to cause a problem. But all in all - great quality kits for what you pay. Looking forward to your progress.

Can you start a build diary of your own - we don't want to hijack @Perkeo's thread. I have moved this to its own thread. Feel free to change the title.

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Yeah, I think I have seen this kit before 😛 ... I like it, if you are going to print daily, consider going without the wiring rails/looms... 

The default wires WILL break in the loom rails, its not even a matter of years.. but months..

Canbus is hard to do first time, but there are good manuals to follow, you can also wait for the USB version coming from LDO named nitehawk.



This is the future, but now... easy to setup compared to USB, and no more wire looms.. 

Also.. go for the TAP CNC v2, its a hallelujah... 

None of the above is needed to print happy... dont get me wrong.. you can do it later, or not at all 😜 

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