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Hello from AZ


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My name is Chris, I am joining here as I am working on building a 2.4. Seems like a lot of good info about them here.

I have been using 3d printers off and on since picking up a used Stratasys Genisys XS in 2001. Have used a number of 3d printers over the years.

Currently use an Ultimaker 2 extended, Ultimaker 2 clone(currently being reworked) and an Anycubic resin printer.

I recently moved so still getting things set back up, but ready to work on some projects again.

Nice to meet everyone and I am sure I will have some questions for folks. Maybe I can help on some too.



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Welcome to the forum Chris - happy to have you on board. As you have probably read by now - we love build diaries. Please consider starting one for your 2.4 build. I am sure you will find all the advice/help you need from the knowledgeable folk here.

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It is just a hobby for me. Yeah I have worked with even more printers over the years. I am usually more about using the printers than modifying them, but I have done my share of mods.

I am pretty familiar with OpenSCAD but not so much with fusion360 and others. But not sure what folks are using for design on Voron's.

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