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LDO 250 Trident build - The bootstrappening


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I built my V0.2 as a 'bootstrap' Voron. Something to get my foot in the door to print ABS and let me build a bigger Voron. Well, this is that bigger Voron!

Back at the beginning of November, I couldn't wait anymore and ordered a full-custom BOM Trident from West3D with their online configurator. I was excited picking all the parts I wanted and deliberately chose parts that were in stock, because I didn't want to wait. After hitting the 'buy' button I anxiously awaited a delivery notification. A week went by, and nothing. I looked closer at the terms and conditions and realized the custom configurations take 4 weeks to ship. Doh! Ah well, learn to read the fine print better. I strapped in for a wait.

Then around Thanksgiving, I realized Black Friday was a thing. It had totally slipped my mind. I reached out to the good folks at West3D and cancelled the custom order, and grabbed an LDO 250 kit for Black Friday pricing. And with the money I saved, I ordered a MIcron+ kit from Fabreeko as well! So once I get this Trident up and going, there'll be a Micron build to follow.

After my V0.2 extrusion fiesta, I made extra sure I had all my extrusions identified and marked before starting to build anything.


Got the frame nice and square on the countertop. 


Color choice has been a massive pain. The main color is Fusion Filament 1.5 Mushroom Cloud Grey. It's a light grey that ends up looking like your favorite heather grey sweatshirt. Love this stuff. Accent color choice I've gone the rounds on. I thought I'd settled on Fusion 1.5 Cold Fusion Blue, but since the LDO kit came with a black frame, I thought about trying a more monochrome look, and printed up some accent parts in Fusion 1.5 Nano Tube Grey (dark grey). It's more subdued, but I'm kinda digging it for now. So two-tone grey and a black frame.




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"So which mods are you going to use?" I hear you ask, to which I reply in the most @mvdveer-like way possible. "Yes" 😏

I'd like to do an Inverted Electronics bay, got some Wobble-x parts on order, Berserker bearing kit already mostly in, got a Beacon probe in the parts drawer as well as some CAN-bus goodies. I've got a Leviathan board as well, but I think I'm going to save that for the Micron. Some Ti backers on the Y-axis are installed and a lightweight X-gantry kit + backer is inbound as well. Yes, my credit card absolutely hates me right now. 🤣
I built the V0.2 by the book other than a Honeybadger bearing kit. This time around, I'm trying to incorporate all the mods I have in my head in advance. 

Am I biting off more than I can chew? Almost certainly. But I'm having fun doing it so far, and I'm pretty sure that's the objective. 😃

Forgot these came with the LDO kit when I was assembling the frame. 🤦‍♂️ So I tore the frame apart enough to get them mounted.



Got the linear rails all greased up. After watching Steve Builds do this a few times, I got brave and took the rails apart to grease the balls directly using a syringe instead of just squishing a bunch of grease through one of the screw holes in the rail and hoping some will make it's way into the bearing races. It was extremely satisfying to run a precise bead of grease on the balls, work it in with a finger, then remount the carriage on the rail and know the grease is where it's supposed to be.



Nice precise bead of grease instead of a blob of death through a screw hole:


Linear rails all mounted up along with the Y-axis extrusion backers.


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I'm still alive! Despite a couple of setbacks (the V0.2 was out of commission for a week with a dead umbilical cable) and waiting on parts to arrive or print, still moving forward on the Trident build. Got some time off during the Holiday season so hopefully I can keep this log updated.

Current state of the build:



Wobble X installed:


Fancy gantry:



Couple of questions for the more experienced.

1. How do you run the cable guides if any in the Inverted Electrinics bay? I've been looking for some good pictures of peoples finished Inverted Electronics setup but my google-fu seems to be weak as I'm not finding much out there. Do you just install the bottom panel and then VHB the regular cable combs to that? Is there some hanging garden cable comb I've missed? (joke) Would love to see some pictures of how others have done it.



2. CanBus on a Trident. How are y'all doing the umbilical setup? I found these A/B mounts from the VoronModder I printed up with a built in gland mount, but it seems like it would be better suited for a 2.4 flying gantry setup. In a Trident, seems like it would quickly be fouling on the top panel. Looking for more ideas here.


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