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Rust prevention


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I purchased a stainless steel kinematic mod and they say to oil the steel parts to prevent rust.  Anyone know if this is necessary?  I just watched a video on a guy who tests out rust prevention on steel and looks likes bees wax is the clear winner (of course the printer will not be outside in the rain), but I definitely do not want to torch the parts, so I am thinking linseed oil is the next best.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  The video: 


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I would not use natural oils because they eventually dry and form a varnish like coating. There's definitely a plus to having that kind of coating but, ehhhh, I don't know. I'd rather it be a touch oily and I could just wipe the old stuff off and re-apply on occasion. A light coating of 3in1 or other light oil would be my choice.

I wipe mine down with a little Pew Pew oil I have.

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I had a very bad experience with WD40 (classic) and rust prevention. Wanted to protect a lathe for winter in a cold basement. After a few months, all surfaces were covered with a nasty wax it was a real pain to remove. Nevermore ! But no rust...

If you can get a tiny quantity of thick way oil (ISO64) or even chainsaw oil, it's perfect. These lubricants are sticky, and never get dry. Two drops on a rag will be enough.

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